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Dr. Genevieve García de Müeller

Assistant Professor

Dr. Genevieve García de Müeller is an Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric and Director of the WAC program at Syracuse University. While at University of New Mexico as a doctoral student she held positions in the UNM Writing Across Communities Alliance and continues her involvement with that initiative. With Iris Ruiz, she was awarded a 2015-2016 CCCC Research Initiative Grant and the first report of that research was published in 2017 in the WPA Journal as  “Race, Silence, and Writing Program Administration: A Qualitative Study of U.S. College Writing Programs.” WAC readers will also be familiar with “Inviting Students to Determine for Themselves What it Means to Write Across the Disciplines,” written with Brian Hendrickson and published in 2016 in The WAC Journal. She regularly presents at the CCCC and CWPA conferences and is the Founder and Chair of the Council of Writing Program Administration People of Color Caucus. She has a forthcoming book on the rhetorics of immigration policy. 


Dr. Geneviev Gacia de Mueller
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